It is our goal, to help the people in Kenya holistically. We do this through practical work, education as well as spreading the message of Jesus Christ through word, deed and literature, available in our library. (There you can find Bibles for adults and kids, tracts, Sunday school material, tapes, videos etc.).


In our area are many volcanos and lakes. One of them is Lake Bogoria, laying in the midst of a hot mountain range. Boiling water is erupting at the edge of the lake. It is so hot, that you can boil potatoes or eggs on it.

Loboi, the village we are, is just a kilometer from that lake and around 250 kilometers north of Nairobi, Kenya`s capital. The people in that area are very poor. Most of them live by stock breeding, mainly goats and cattle. Also during the rainy season this area remains hot and dry. For that reason farming is rare, as without water there will be no crop.